Save $10,000?
Could College Entrance Test Prep save you $10,000?

Parents have two goals for their kids.

These twin goals are directly tied to the score that a student receives on their college placement exam as well as their academic grade point average. The better their performance, the greater possibility of achieving these twin goals.

High School: College Entrance Test Prep HSCETP) is not a bunch of tricks and techniques on how to do better on the math portion of the college placement exam. It is a tool that uses the practice tests from the two exams (SAT/ACT) to help determine what areas of math a student needs to work on. It then helps the student learn that math in a Socratic step-by-step approach.

Since the tool teaches a student HOW to solve the math problems, while preparing for the SAT/ACT the student will also be better prepared in their math class (thereby increasing their GPA).

Increasing their GPA in math and their scores on the college entrance exam helps them qualify for academic scholorships, which will save you money.

Can we assure you that using HSCETP will save you $10,000? No. No one can assure you of that and we won't even try. What we will say is that using the tool will help your child learn the math that they need to learn in order to do better in both class and on the college entrance exam, and that will increase the possibility of getting an academic scholorship, which could save you tens of thousands of dollars.

So, here is what we do promise. We promise that, if your child uses the tools we can help them learn the math that they need to know for the college entrance tests, which is also the math that they need to know for school. We can promise that we will give you all the tools we can to help you help them.

But no one can promise you that they will get a specific score on the exam. No one will promise that they will get an academic scholorship. No one can promise that you will save money by using any tool. But using HSCETP, and with your active coaching, the odds that a student will get a better opportunity increase dramatically. We want to help you do just that, stack the odds in your childs favor. And who knows, it may make the difference between getting that academic scholorship or not.